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Best Auto Dialer Software to Make Outbound Calling Successful

Auto Dialer is automated call dialer software that dials out outbound calls using the list and them transfers the call to the agents. Auto Dialer Software helps call center agents to be more productive & efficient. An auto dialer is the base of contact strategy that automates the call center dialing process. It also saves time and brings more calls, increases productivity, better service quality and ultimately more revenue. The software will determine agent availability and route calls to them based on requirements that help will boost productivity. Easy to use Auto Dialer for sales and support will boost your calling process and increase efficiency.

An Auto Dialer when integrated with CRM Software that helps in agent efficiency and improves productivity. Fully featured auto dialer software having many features to increase the dialing speed of the agents of call center so that they can dial out the number and earn more profit. Whenever the call flow increases, you can play a welcome message or ask for an IVR input & more. During auto-dialing the number if any number seems to be busy or disconnected due to some reason the dialer software will put them for the callback and schedule a time for redialing the numbers.

Take a look about Different Dialing Mode of Auto Dialer:

Auto Dialer mainly has three dialing modes depending on how the software dialer will work and select the contact that is going to be dialed. You need to choose it according to your business need with unique features.

  • Preview Mode

Preview dialer prepares before the calls because in this dialing mode agents are able to see the next call in the list and used when the revenue generated per call is very high. It helps the agents to first watch the available information about the customer and then decide when to place the calls.

  • Predictive Mode

Predictive dialer software automatically dials the number from the list of numbers. It also checks for the human response or not. If the call is answered by the human then transfer the call to the agents and if not then dial another number. It saves agent time and reaches more contacts at the same time.

  • Progressive Mode

In Progressive Dialer Software dial number when the agent is available. Dialer automatically dials the next number after completing the previous call. Once the call is connected, information about the caller is presented to them. It saves the agent’s time and dials the next number when an agent becomes available.

  • Power Mode

Power dialer software is also known as Rapid Dialer. Dials multiple numbers at the same time and automatically connects to the agent when connected. Drop a pre-recorded voicemail when the call is not connected. It dials call manually with fewer efforts and more sales and increase talk time for business productivity.

Intelligent Features of Auto Dialer:

  • Capable of Detecting Answering Machine

It is one of the most important features responsible for the success of Auto Dialer Software. Dialer when dialing the call it detects whether the call is answered by the person or answering machine and take action according to it.

  • Option out Feature

During the call, there are some customers who do not want to receive a call from your company. Using Auto Dialing by simply pressing a key agent can put that number in the “Do Not Call” list.

  • Call Recording

It is very important for every call center to record the conversation between agents and customers for quality and legal purposes. Monitoring the calls on regularly will increase the agent’s performance and improve their efficiency.

  • Text-to-Speech

Auto Dialer also comes with a Text-to-Speech facility that is user-friendly. Easily design IVR script for collecting caller information. It is also used to provide personalized messages that connect the customer on a personal level.

  • Dial Time Management

Using this feature of Auto Dialer users can set the dial time and put the restriction on auto-dialing the number. This will provide more benefits to agents and customers as well.

Auto Dialer Integrated with 3rd Party CRM, SMS API and Whatsapp API.

Our advanced and fully featured Auto Dialer Software can easily be integrated with 3rd party CRM Software. This provides more benefit to the customer like most of the dialer provider doesn’t provide integration facility with 3rd party CRM Software.

Our software is also capable of integrating SMS API that sends a copy of the conversation to both the customer and the agents. This helps in generating proper feedback on every call. The SMS API is integrated only when the API is provided by the customer's end.

You can also integrate Whatsapp API with Auto Dialer that sends a copy of the conversation to both the customer and the agents on your registered Whatsapp number. This helps in generating proper feedback on every call. The Whatsapp API is integrated only when the API is provided by the customer's end.

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