Outbound Call Center Software Solution

Outbound Call Center is a perfect solution for businesses who makes a large volume of outgoing calls. Using Outbound Call Center Software Solutions you can manage and motivate agents, generates high-quality leads and also provide greater call experience using Outbound Software. With this software solution preview dialing, click to call become easy and effective. The software helps in saving your time and eliminate data entry. You can track and manage all your decisions from the same place. It helps in saving the time of the agents as they do not need to save the calling data as it is already saved when the customers calls. We can track the agent’s performance and help them in improving their performance.

Outbound Call Center helps businesses make outbound calls to clients on behalf of their business. Outbound Call can be dialed for a variety of reasons like customer service, sales, and survey research. They’re different from Inbound Call Centers, which only focus on receiving calls. Outbound Call Centers make each and every call, whether it’s for support or sales.

Important Features of Outbound Call Center Software Solution

Flexible Dialing Mode

We develop different dialing mode to choose from Predictive Dialer, Preview Dialer, Progressive Dialer. You can easily select one of the following options for your dialing.

Integrated CRM

Vert-age Outbound Call Center Software integrated with CRM and help desk tool to keep all your records and conversations connected.

Real time Reports

Now-a-day having information about your agents is more important. We provide valuable reporting dashboard that helps you in making right decision.

Click To Call Facility

Save your single minute, every day with the power of dialing numbers in a click. You can connect calls to your customers just using single click on the dashboard.

Call Back & Appoinment Setting

The software allows call center agents to schedule, call back to unanswered customers and also manages appointments for them. An exclusive call engine will choose the best time for the call-backs o increase contact rate.

Maximize Agent Productivity

Provide your agents the right call center software to work smartly and avoid manual tasks and focus more on customer interactions. Handle multiple tasks like call handling, access customer’s information, schedule call backs and many more.

Using our outbound call center software solution is quite easy and user-friendly as the program allows the users to customize its dashboard in accordance with their business requirements. In addition to it, the software program helps you integrate all the workflows and call logs into a single location that makes it a convenient tool for the businesses to ensure the best customer services. Visit us, or give us a phone call and get an advanced outbound call center software solution for your business.

    Benefits of Outbound Call Center Software Solution :

  • Customer service management :
  • When the customer-facing any problems regarding your products and services, your company is in the first place in providing services and solving problems. Customers expect that you handle them quickly, efficiently and in a professional manner. When customers make you a call, they expect that you can solve their problems quickly in a professional manner.
  • Improve productivity and services :
  • The system helps and boosts overall productivity also enables telephone calls to be handled in an efficient manner. It is able to track the calls easily and speed them up when needed. The call center agents first identify the needs and what actually the customer wants and then process. They can easily improve their productivity and services using the software.
  • Increases communication and responsibility :
  • Call center software allows employees various departments to share and communicate correct information about clients. In very business process communication is very important to achieve their goals .through the communication they can easily satisfy the customer needs and responsibilities.
  • Better sales :
  • Call center software helps to increase their sales bitterly. It is a benefit for an organization. Using this software sales manager can easily manage the records of the existing clients. It also helps to record all the data in the database that will useful information for the management to take any decisions.