About Us

Vert-Age Dialer

In the year of 2014, Vert-Age pioneered an idea to create a highly adaptable and customized call center software solution for businesses. Today, with the escalation of globalization, customer support is a key to successful businesses. To help the businesses we need to improve our customer services. We offer an all-in-one dialer software suite that persistently improves customer services across the channel. Vert-Age feels very proud of not only the technology it has embraced, but also on the expertise of its development. The company is flourishing under the direction of some of the genius and experienced people. We are quite aware of our customers’ requirements and which is what inspires us and makes us ensure a better solution all the time. We are best known for developing:

  • Scalable and robust contact center software
  • Cloud-based contact center system
  • Easy to set up and handle
  • Enterprise-grade solution
  • A convenient ecosystem for round-the-clock customer support

Vert-Age is established on three key pillars: Trust, Growth, and Innovation. We build a relationship with our customers on persistent trust. We communicate openly with our clients and go all out what guarantees the utmost security of their data. We are highly passionate to see the escalating growth of our customers and feel proud of their achievements in ensuring better customer service through our dialer software. And finally, it’s innovation that provides oxygen to our professional goal. We keep pursuing ideals and new technology so that we could ensure a better and more reliable contact center software solution. In addition to the software solution, our team has also offered an extensive training program to help our clients in setting up a team of trained and proficient resources in their call centers.