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Dial 100

Dial 100 is police emergency service which works in every state of the country in India. Due to increase in the criminal activities in last few years people wants to secure them form these types of activities. Using Dial 100 they can dial the call at the time emergency and within few minutes the patrolling team will reached there using the customer location.

Dial 100 is state police commissioner number which implements an automated system to handle public solutions integrated with incident management software. The software will handle all the calls from the police control room using various tracking software so that it can reach easily to the customers.

Passengers are now getting Dial 100 services:

Getting Dial 100 services people to feel safe and make their work easier as they can focus on their work completely. If they feel anything wrong then they have to just dial 100 number from their device. Within the few minutes of dialing call, the help will be provided by the nearest center. 100 I common police emergency number which is provided to help the customers.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • The software has comprehensive functionality and features with rich capabilities.
  • Help in maximizing the customer’s productivity and also improves agents efficiency.
  • Inbound calls are handled carefully, they are routed inefficient and intelligent manner.
  • Makes police personal accountable with regard to the time they took in reaching the scene.
  • Rapid implementation enabling operations of the multichannel contact center.
  • Maximize the use of all the staff resources resulting in increased efficiency and profitability.