Call Barging

Call Barging is a software service which is used to Jump into the On-Going call between your agents and customers so it can directly talk to customer in the queue. Using call monitoring with call barging will give more way to train both your sales and the support agents. This feature is available with all our custom plans and only applicable on outbound calls. It is more important when the agent is struggling then the manager s and supervisors will barge into the live call and help the agents.

Basic reason behind using call Barging is that when superior is silently listen to the calls and wants to join the can , As the superior joins the call it become full three way call conference where everyone can talk each other. It is the simple part of progressive call center software it will help you to listen and barge into live calls regardless of the location.

Why Call Barging

Call Barging is an important feature by using which managers gain the ability to monitor the calls. Using the fresh callers in the call center will be more challenging. So advisors and the managers decide to join the call when the agents failed during their calls which are possible only by using call barging. The Call Barging feature will also make VIP customers make happy and feel that they are being taken care by our best team so they never face any problem, not just a specific agent.


  • Call barging also helps you in reducing the call transfers and call hold times.
  • It can provide help and limitless call transfers by providing the answer on the spot.
  • Using the software and dashboard helps you in training new agents during a phone call.
  • It is an excellent feature for managing a remote call-center workforce. It is hard enough to train agents when they’re sitting in front of you.
  • The software enablesthe managers, admins, and others to monitor then they decide to barge into live calls during important or emergency situations.

Real Time Call Recording

In every organization, every contact center management needs to measure and monitor team performance. You want to be there to take a quick response and take quick actions towards the solution of the problem. We are able to provide the solutions for maximizing the agent performance. Using our advanced dashboard you can manage your entire task at one place. Using the software we can monitor agents and measure key statistics to analyze performance

Professional Communication will help increases the brand value of a business. The live call monitoring system which we use is one of the most advanced real-time call quality control solution. If we want to maintain high-level efficiency and productivity, it’s too important to analyze and check the call center performance. The call center monitoring is important for the company’s strategy to know what works well and which areas require improvement

Analyze Data & Performance In Real Time

Agents and managers can analyze data so that they can help in improving the performance of the agents. Managers can also listen to the live call in real time using “LIVE CALLS” in their dashboard. The campaign can provide us many advanced options using which we can manage and control all the activities of the agents


  • Provide Quality Monitoring The software will allow you to easily monitor agent performance to maintain the quality standards are being met.
  • Listen to any call Managers can listen to any call in real time by using the “Call Activity” option in their dashboard.
  • Train agent effectively. The software will replace manuals and large training protocols by allowing the new sales rep to monitor the calls which are handled by your expert agents
  • Generate reports to maintain calls. Using the software we can generate reports we can all the calls and the performance of the agents on the cloud.

Live Data Sharing

One of the fastest Message Oriented Middleware for your windows allows your system to work seamlessly with another system. Whenever any update made by us on our computer, the changes will be propagated with all other clients connected to us. Live Data is an observable data which is used by the owner of that data. He can share this data using a different medium like through cloud, by using mail and many more. For sharing the live data first it will check whether the user is Active or Resumed state. It will update the data only active customers. Inactive users have to register or login so that they can share live data successfully.

Some examples:

  • You can share your fitness data with your doctor so that he can check that data and let you know if you need some checkup.
  • You can share the weather forecast report with the people so they are alert if there is an emergency.
  • You can also share your home appliances condition to a repair service so they can take quick action when there is any problem.


  • No memory leaks.
  • No crashes of data due to stopped activates.
  • Always share up to date data to other.
  • Provide proper configuration changes.
  • You can increase your sharing resources.

Sms & Mail Integration

SMS & MAIL Integration is an advanced winning combination of a multichannel marketing strategy for your multichannel. Integrating these platforms will allow best experience for their clients. However, most of the people didn’t understand how these systems works together. This software is when integrated with each other and with CRM Software will provide more profit for the company as well as people support.

When the things come to marketing, a complementary channel is almost always help in increasing your results, because when thefirst mode of communication falls short, then the other picks up the slack. By the integration of Email and SMS marketing, the results can be spelled out in these four striking benefits for your marketing campaigns

3rd Party Integration

We are having a great experience in providing third party application integration for web as well as for mobile applications to help you achieve your business goals. We provide one of the best third party tool application, a cost effective way to support the customers using the web or mobile application.

Providing a good quality third party integration platform allows you to connect you to any software, application, or device both in the cloud and on-premises. This will help you in creating powerful bi-directional integrations to maximize the value of your marketing solutions.

Integrated 3rd Party API’s

A Third Party API is the API which is developed by the 3rd party which allows internet famous software like Facebook, Google, etc. The third party API is introduced when the first party person is not able to provide it. Here if a business will release an API toolkit, and then allows a 3rd party developer to build APIs independently.

Consumer Experience Application

These are the type of application which helps in increasing the customer's experience by providing them some special tools with special features and services. These types of application require integration so that they can work smoothly


  • Gain complete control over sensitive data
  • Increase customer retention & improve loyalty
  • Provide Automate payment and shipping gateways
  • Securely share documents with clients and work together
  • The software will help in increasing the personalization so that it can help and welcome your customers


The Recording of the calls and save them is a comprehensive way of collecting the information on the web. It is a helpful to guide using technology, support by almost every nearby key industries. In current time mostly the customer first contact with any company is via phone. For those companies to record those calls and getting useful information from those calls is too important for clients.

Why need Recording?

  • It helps with staff training and their development.
  • Protect business interests and dispute resolution.
  • Record telephone conversations are necessary to comply with government regulations.

There are many ways to choose the recording system which helps you in identifying the type of solution which you need.

  • It will categorize recording according to the people whether they are contact center agent, or those performing a specific task.
  • Trunk side recording is for customer and external side is for agents.
  • Provide online storage for the recording you have to just mention how much you need.
  • Maintaining the recorded data is too important.

These are the same basic type of system you need for recording. When you finalize which type of recording you want you can simply buy it by paying the amount.

Custom Calling Filter

A filter means to set some condition on the particular data so that only certain data can be displayed or proceed. It is used to make easier to focus on particular data and make more use of it. Filters which are applied to the campaign on the specified call present in the list on the database server using a SQL WHERE clause.

Applying filter on Customer Calling means to restrict the particular customer by applying some condition. The condition can be of different type related to call timing, waiting time, etc. Suppose if there is a customer whose call is received so many times, so we can apply filter and restrict him.

Percent based Dialing

Percent based filtering is applied where agent have two data sheets and he want to use data from both the data list. In this case he has to decide that in that given two data lists what percent of which data list he has to use. Here he applied the percent based filtering in which he applied filtering and then use different percent of data from both the data list.

Agent Form Customization

The Customization is the action of making or changing something according to the customer’s request. We provide customized CRM Software for our customers so that they can make changes according to themselves whenever they want.

Here the Agent Form Customization is the same thing; it means that to change the agent form by adding something or by deleting something from the form. There are so many details which customer has to fill and some information is not asked. If the agent wants to change something in the form then he can do it and save it.

Channel Monitering

A Channel is a path or the way by which agents can dial or receive. There are 32 channels comes in a PRI. So user can dial or receive calls using these 30 channels.

Channel Monitoring is nothing it the way by which Manager or Agents can monitor the activity or can see the status of the channels. There is some basic term which is used in channel monitoring like Ringing, IDLE, Talk, and Dialing. Each term have their own meaning like Ringing is used when the call is dialed by the agents, Idle is used when there is no activity done by the agents, Talk is used when the agents are On-Call, and Dialing is used when the agent is going to dial a number from the list.

Why Call Monitoring?

Call Monitoring is most important as it can show the availability of the channels which is free or which is busy. This will help in dialing or receiving calls using free channels.

Pace Based Dialing

PACE (Pro Active Connect Enhancer) based dialing provides benefits to your outbound process by using the pace based dialing. It can smartly choose the customers contacts based on their transaction history and their profiles. It is an Auto Dialer which works by categorizing the customer’s activity which is done by him in the past and selects the best time slot to connect him.

This will not just connect the customers but it can also help in increasing the productivity with an intelligent lead connecting. It has some basic parameters which implement intelligent dialing strategy.

  • Customer State

    It will categorize customers into different groups and then set dialing priorities.

  • Have basic Rules

    The PACE dialer will define some conditions and then triggered different event to dial the call.

  • Set Call Time

    The dialer will also set the call redial time, so if there is any lead leave they can connect it latter. This function of redial is only for selected dispositions.

  • Not call before

    It can also have the permission to specify not to call, so that no one can call him before the busy time frame.

Campaign wise Disposition & Sub-Disposition

The Disposition and Sub-Disposition of the calls are too important as we have to mention the status of the particular call. Why call disconnected, whether a call is answered or not, the call is busy or not and many more. These basic reasons are important for updating the status of that particular call. Every call which is dialed will be disconnected by mentioning the disposition status.

When the call is dialed and after the conversation, the disposition of the call comes. For the disposition of the call, you first need to click on Call Hang-up button, and then you see the Call Dispose button you just need to click on Call Dispose button in the campaign. Now you just need to select the particular reason of call disposition. Select the particular reason and dispose of the call so you can dial the next number immediately.

Using the Call Disposition codes is essential in ensuring the quality customer service for both inbound and outbound agents. When the company equipped CRM with this particular set of codes, managers of both inbound and outbound campaigns are given an idea of their agents’ individual conversion rates. Providing the view of your call dispositions option will gives you the important information to customer which is easily driven.