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How It Works?

The key to a call center or a contact center management is to have an advanced software program that can help call agents manage the phone calls—be it outbound or inbound—and make it more productive in the business development process. At Vert-Age, we provide an advanced call center mechanism with all the contemporary tools and features. Our software program offers an unparalleled value for the businesses by lowering the difficulty and cost, along with enhancing agents’ competence and performance. And it finally ends up improving the customer services. Managing customer service process through our cloud-based mechanism: With our cloud-based call center software program, you will get a set of powerful tools to manage the phone calls with the utmost efficiency. Everything, right from receiving phone calls, making calls, routing phone calls, or other relevant tasks at a call center, can efficiently be managed with consistency. We help businesses to drive up the customer satisfaction and to bring in the required scale of productivity in businesses. Faster, smarter, and quicker solution: You can ensure a faster and smarter customer satisfaction with the help of our scalable and customizable call center software program. It allows you to monetize every conversation—which, sequentially, happens out to convert the prospects into sales faster. Give a try to our scalable call center software and see the ascending change in your business.

Professional Services

Instead of providing an advanced and contemporary software solution, we do bring in professional services to help the businesses in building a cost-effective and sustainable call center that can ensure the best customer services for always. We have a team of experts who extend their professional services for each and every functional area in a call center. Not being restricted to helping set up the call center software, but we extend our long years of professional experience to assist our clients to ensure the best customer services. Customizing call center mechanism to meet your business goal: Having a customized software system for your call center can help you meet your business goal without any obstacles. You can have all your objectives fulfilled within your set timeline if there is a personalized mechanism in place. Before the call center software is set up, you can discuss your requirements with our Professional Services team.

Providing training to call center professionals

When you set up an inbound/outbound call center system, there should be a training session for the professionals before you start providing customer support. Our Professional Services team trains the call center professionals to make them proficient in ensuring a real-time customer service. Providing support in case of any technical obstacle: There is always a possibility to come through technical obstacles if you rely on a call center software program—you must be ready to cope with such circumstances. In line with our objective to let our customers use the mechanism flawlessly, we extend a real-time technical support to help our customers in dealing with all types of technical issues.


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