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Home Delivery

Nowadays delivering an item is common is every whether it is a food item or any other products. In the current competitive world, everyone tries to attract customers so they can sell more items and earn more profit. Home Delivery services play an important role in customer’s point of view as it provides benefits to customers and generates job opportunities for others. There are many restaurants in all the sectors from which people expect better quality, less price, and time-to-time delivery.

Vert-Age provides both software as well as services with them for helping the people more. We are having a well-trained team who can deliver the software for providing good customer service to the clients. With our software solution, we can focus on delivering great guest experience. The success of the home delivery software is depending on people, their process and the technology which they using.

Changing the Lifestyle:

At the current time, people don’t want to go outside for getting a meal or for shopping. They prefer only to order the item for home delivery rather than going outside for the meal. This is because of changing the lifestyle of the customers and a little bit of their laziness. At the current time, many companies understand the value of ordering the food and provide home delivery services. So they are investing in in-home delivery services for providing help to the customer.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Updating the software time to time provides more features which help in business and provide better transparency.

  • Track your order, using our tracking software you can track your order and provide feedback to agents.

  • Once a customer registers for delivery his information will be saved so that he doesn’t need to fill his information for the next order it will automatically generate.

  • Third party company provider will deliver the right item at the right time.

  • The software can be integrated with the web portal so that customer can order food using a web portal and deliver the right quality food at the right time.