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Financial Institutions

In the current era of technology, customers want to manage all their transactions whenever, wherever and however they want. Bank and Financial Institution (BFSI) are the backbones of any economy presents in any country. There are many peoples who take loans from various banks so it is a big role of financial institutions to ensure that the entire loan installment paid on time.

For better performance, we provide consistent and advanced customer service, Contact Solution for Financial Institution. It is too difficult interact the customer with the Banks and other Financial Institutions are sensitive which require Customer Interaction Software which stores all the processes and analyzes data in a cost-effective manner.

In current time all financial institutions looking to reach a large number of customers within a short period of time. Using Outbound Dialer and Voice Blasting Solution institutions deliver prerecorded promotional voice messages to the entire list of leads which is collected through a specific campaign. 

Banks have lots of responsibilities to run successfully so that they can secure the financial future of the customer. Vert-Age provides advanced software with new technology which can analyze the activity of the agents and support them. Using these technologies we can pre-qualify your financial services leads with their prospects before customer interaction with the agents.

With Vert-Age we provide you the featured Dialer Software with integrated CRM Software that will fulfill all the requirements of the customer. We have the facility of call monitoring, recording, and tracking which provide detailed information for your Financial Institution. This is the easiest way to help the client and share records to banking agents.

Key Capabilities & Benefits

  • Use less staff resourcing help in increasing efficiency and profit.
  • Promote customers’ demands that helps in future sale.
  • Increase productivity of the Institute and improve efficiency of the agents.
  • Using less staff members will minimize the operating cost.
  • Easily handle and quick to use.
  • Provide great customer experience which increase more opportunities to cross sales.
  • Dialer software will route inbound calls in very intelligent manner.
  • We fulfill all the requirements of Inbound, Outbound, Blended and contact management requirements.
  • We personalized software according to customer so that they have good experience after using it.
  • Vert-Age provides advance functionality.